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SEO Checker

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SEO analysis made easy

You want your website to perform its best, but it can be a challenge to evaluate it. With our SEO checker tool, we’ll measure your website’s performance based on several factors. 

These factors play an important role in user experience and search ranking performance. Your website analysis report will give you a comprehensive view on all areas of your site.

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Mobile Friendliness Checker

Your website may look great on a desktop, but what about on a smartphone or tablet? We check your site's design for mobile friendliness to make sure it's accessible on all screens and provides a positive mobile experience.

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Backlink Checker

A backlink is created when a website links to another website. Websites with more relevant backlinks tend to be more visible in search results. Our SEO analysis will provide a high-level overview of your website’s backlinks.

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Check your Local SEO

How are people finding you online? We analyze your website’s keywords, amount of content and more to make sure they're optimized for search engines. Our SEO checker will also check if your business has a local presence in online directories.

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Is your website secure?

Protecting your customers (and your business) should be your main priority. We test your site to ensure it’s safe from security threats. Search engines also prioritize secure websites over non-secure sites in the search results.

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An SEO checker is a tool that scans your website for any technical and SEO issues that could impact your website performance and SEO rankings.

It’s essential to audit your website periodically to ensure it’s performing as it should. A website audit will detect any issues that could hinder your performance and fix them before they become bigger problems. Issues can vary in severity, from minor to completely blacklisting your site from search results. Running a routine technical audit will keep you informed of lingering issues.

Search engines like Google or Yahoo display website search results based on popular keywords, site accessibility and other factors. When you optimize your website with the latest SEO techniques, search engines will rank your website higher in search results and potential customers are more likely to find your business during their search. Our Pro SEO services include on- and off-page SEO techniques to gain online visibility, build authority, and improve search engine rankings to help your customers find you online.

As organic search improves and becomes a more foundational part of your business, SEO should also become a more central part of your project discussion. For technical audits, we recommend checking the state of your website at least 2-4 times a year, depending on the size and scale of your website and organic search program. From there, new content should be added regularly as this sends a signal to Google’s crawlers to revisit and index your content. Google strongly favors “fresh” material as it provides more relevant information for users. Regularly updating your content will meet this requirement and allows Google’s bots to regularly visit your site.

In order to track the results from your optimizations, we highly recommend Google Analytics and Google Search Console, freemium tools that should be enough for most webmasters. Within these tools, you should be benchmarking user behavior- how your optimizations have changed the way users behave on your pages. Are they interacting with content longer or are they finding the material irrelevant and leaving? Are you getting more visits and revenue? Google Search Console will also show the performance of your keywords over time. While it may take some time for optimizations to result in clicks, you should be monitoring where your keyword targets are ranking and if further improvements are needed.

Keyword research is an integral part of on-page SEO. Before you start any search, think about your product or services and the phrases your customers would potentially use when conducting an online search. Once you have a list, you can conduct your own online searches and go from there.