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The Affiliate Program

Joining the Program

What is the Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program pays website owners a commission for every customer that makes a new qualifying purchase through a affiliate link.

How do I join the affiliate program?

To sign up for the Affiliate Program, please visit

What does it cost to join?

There is no cost to join our affiliate program.

What type of websites may join as affiliates?

We encourage all interested sites to apply to our program. However, before you can participate in our program, we will need to approve your site. We typically look for sites that target small businesses or internet / technology products. We do not accept adult, warez, software pirating, ROM or emulator sites, and sites which promote or engage in illegal activity, hateful or racist content.

Are websites outside of the U.S. eligible for the Affiliate Program?

Yes, non-US websites are accepted in our affiliate program.

Are incomplete or under construction websites accepted as a Affiliate?

No, your website must be up and running in order to join the Affiliate Program. Please request membership when your website is complete, with no coming soon, under construction, or parked pages.


How often are commissions paid?

We pay commissions monthly in US dollars, as long as the total commission balance in your account is greater than $50. If you have earned less than $50, your commission balance will accrue until you reach $50 by the monthly payout date.

How do I track my earned commissions?

All affiliates will be assigned a unique affiliate ID, which enables us to identify customer referrals from your website and credit your account with commissions. Activity can be tracked real-time by logging into your affiliate account.

How do I get paid?

Commissions are paid in either direct deposit or check. Login to your affiliate account to setup or change your preferred payment method.


What products and services are available in the Affiliate Program?

We offer a wide selection of products and services as part of our affiliate program. Some examples include Do-It-Yourself Website Design, Web Hosting, Windows Hosting, eCommerce, and Do-It-Yourself Logo Design.

How do I place your banners and links on my website?

Login to your affiliate account and select ‘Get Links’ in the menu at the top. Select the campaign you would like to promote, then copy & paste the code on your website.

Where should I place ads?

Try to place the banners and links in areas where you have a good number of visitors. Remember the better the placement and promotion the more money your site will earn.

Can I use your links on multiple websites?

Yes, you can use our banners and text links on multiple websites. Please list all of the website you will place our links on in your affiliate account for approval.

What marketing methods can I use?

You can promote through links on your website or blog, paid search, social media, email marketing, and much more if you follow our marketing guidelines. Please read our terms and conditions in your affiliate account for more details on our marketing guidelines.

Can I bid on in paid search?

No, do not bid on or other brand and trademark terms in paid search. A list of recommended non-trademark and non-brand terms can be viewed by logging into your affiliate account.

Can I direct link to in paid search?

No, do not direct link to in paid search. Redirect pages, domain forwarding, and cookie stuffing are also prohibited.


Who do I contact for additional assistance?

You can reach our affiliate marketing team by either completing our online contact form, emailing, or by calling our dedicated affiliate phone line at 866-930-1218.

What if I’m having trouble logging in?

You can retrieve your password at our partner networks by visiting their specific lost password page.
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