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3 Keys to Online Real Estate Lead Generation

As a real estate agent or broker, one of your biggest challenges is trying to generate leads online. Your efforts often attract “looky-loos” who are just browsing homes for sale and aren’t serious buyers yet. Or you may get people who want to buy homes, but are not necessarily financially ready for purchase. Pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns can be a valuable tool in attracting real potential home buyers online. How can you boost your success rate and get more leads from your PPC ads? Here are three keys to success.

1. Target a specific audience through PPC campaigns by bidding on relevant, high-volume keywords and locations. For example, a real estate agent or broker in Phoenix, Arizona, could use keywords such as “Homes For Sale Phoenix,” “Houses For Sale Phoenix,” “Homes For Sale In Phoenix” or “Houses For Sale In Phoenix”. These are all examples of strong PPC keywords with a geographical modifier that can be used to attract the right kind of clicks.

2. Ensure all your PPC ads include a unique selling proposition that will be directly attractive to the audience you’re targeting. What differentiates you from other real estate agents or brokers in your area? Have you worked in the same neighborhood for 20 years? Do you specialize in negotiating prices? Keywords like “Available Nights And Weekends,” “Quick Response Time,” “New Listings Updated Daily,” “Expert On Local Neighbors” or “Experienced In Negotiation” are all ways to highlight unique selling propositions that will attract your target market.

3. Have a highly engaging website where leads can easily find up-to-date home listing information and agent/brokerage contact information. As your PPC ads drive leads to your website, what will they find? Consumers want to see the houses available before placing a call. However, without actual MLS listings on your website, consumers will not be encouraged to engage with you online or on the phone. Additionally, your website should be visually attractive and easy to navigate, with functionality that simplifies searching for homes. Users should be able to use a range of specific criteria, such as budget range, number of bedrooms, and number of bathrooms, when searching for homes. It’s also imperative to highlight agent and broker contact information on every page so you’re easy to contact. Including a click-to-call button enables users visiting your website on a mobile device to connect with you with a tap of a screen.

Use these three steps to attract potential home buyers and drive traffic to your website. Before you know it, you’ll have more leads than you can handle.