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Is Domain Name Hosting Affordable For Small Businesses?

Affordable Small Business Domain Name Hosting Services

Looking for a domain name for your small business? You’ve come to the right place. offers a free domain name and domain registration as part of every small-business domain name hosting plan.

What’s in a Domain Name?

Your domain name serves as the address where people find your business online. It can incorporate your business name, your city or town, and something about your services.

Make It Memorable offers a wide range of domain names to make your small-business website stand out. Choose something customers will immediately recognize as belonging to your business, and promote it in your brick-and-mortar location, on your print materials, and in all of your online advertising.

Make It Local

Add your city or town name to personalize your domain for local customers. In addition to the free domain name included with our hosting plans, you can choose additional domain names and point them to your primary website.

Make It Say Something About What You Do

Choose domain extensions that tell visitors a little something about what you do. You’re no longer stuck with just .com — you can use extensions as diverse as .pizza, .forsale, or .travel to communicate your unique business value.

Why Host With

At, we’ve built our reputation by dedicating ourselves to promoting small business. We believe small business is the foundation of the local economy, and we understand launching a small business is the fulfillment of a dream.

Unlike most providers, our domain name hosting services are built to cater exclusively to small-business owners. We deliver a level of personal attention usually reserved for big clients so your business can compete with the big guys.

With our open source applications, you can add sophisticated functionality to your website with little or no coding experience. Your small-business site can provide the same services as a much larger website at a price you can afford, including:

  • Online chat. Give your customers multiple options for contacting you online, including email, Web forms, and online chat. Be immediately responsive to customer needs and build your reputation for delivering outstanding customer service.

  • Message boards and forums. Form a community around your products, and empower your customers to support one another. Interact with people who have questions about your products to position your company as a trusted resource.

  • Blogging and content management. Deliver regular blog posts and other types of content to provide value your competitors can’t match. Become a go-to information source for people who are conducting online searches.

  • Help Desk and support tickets. Make it easy for customers to ask for help and open support tickets related to your products. Track their questions, provide fast resolutions, and help them get the most from your products.

  • Email and internal calendars. Get all of your employees on the same page by managing appointments, customer calls, and events on a community calendar. Send branded emails to communicate a professional image to every customer you reach.

Get Started With Our Free Website Builder provides domain name hosting for any type of small business. Whether you’re promoting a local service business or looking to sell a wide range of online products, our free website builders have you covered.

  • Build your own website. When you use our free website creator to build your small-business website, launching is as easy as drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste. Get your website online in as little as a few hours without prior knowledge of Web design or coding.

  • Custom website design. can also build a customized website for your small company as part of our domain name hosting services. Personalize every detail of your website, and fine-tune design elements as you understand what customers like best.

  • Marketing tools. Make your business more visible on Facebook, search engines, and pay-per-click advertising. Get more local leads to build your customer base, and list your business with respected online directories.

Whether you’re building a new website or moving an existing website, has a hosting plan that’s right for you. You’re never on your own when it comes to building and marketing your website. We’re by your side every step of the way.

Launch Your Small-Business Website

With domain name hosting from, it’s easy to build your website, market it, and transform it into a powerful revenue generation tool. Your customers are searching online for your business; you can’t afford not to be found. Launch your small-business website with now.

Get a free marketing consultation today.