Professional, Do-It-Yourself Logo Design for Your Business

If the thought of designing a professional, high-quality logo for your business makes you feel uneasy—or even a bit overwhelmed—then it's time to put your worries to rest. Why? Because there's a simple, low-cost solution right at your fingertips: the LogoYes™ logo design tool from

Developed by an award-winning logo designer,'s LogoYes tool takes the pressure off of do-it-yourself (DIY) logo design with its patent-pending, easy-to-follow design process. You'll create the perfect logo for your business—one that's appropriate for the industry you operate in and one whose symbol, colors, and layout help you establish a strong visual identity for your business.

Best of all, your do-it-yourself logo costs only $69, and it's available in EPS, JPG, and GIF formats. Plus, to make a seamless transition from your logo to your business cards, you can purchase your logo with matching business cards for only $99. Great prices . . . and great results.

So can you test-drive the LogoYes tool?

Absolutely. That's the beauty behind this no-obligation, DIY design process. You test it . . . and you only say "yes" to the checkout process when you're completely satisfied with the results.

Here are the five easy steps in the LogoYes design process:

  1. Choose the "image" category for your business (High-Tech, Bold, or Flair).
  2. Choose the industry category for your business (such as Automotive, Construction, or Health & Beauty).
  3. Choose the symbol for your logo from more than 20,000 symbols—a vast library that includes objects (like an apple), abstract designs (like a swoosh), and alphanumeric symbols (like an "A") that come in a variety of styles. During this process, you can search by keyword, object, or image category to find just the right symbol for your business.
  4. Add your company name and select an appropriate font.
  5. Adjust the colors and layout for your symbol and text.

It's really that simple . . . and it's really an ideal design solution for your small business. Here's why:

  1. Your logo design won't lose any clarity or detail when you reduce its size, which gives you peace of mind about using it for any printing or promotional tasks at hand.
  2. Your logo design will look great in black and white—such as for faxes and photocopies—as well as in color. That way, your sales and marketing materials will have a cohesive and professional look to them.
  3. Your logo design will be distinct and memorable, which gives your small business the competitive edge you're looking for.

Once you've designed and purchased your logo, you can trademark it for use in connection with your products or services. All in all, this risk-free, do-it-yourself design process from LogoYes is a winning solution for your business.