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Choosing a PPC Online Advertising Agency

Choosing a PPC Advertising Agency vs. Doing It Yourself: What You Need To Know

You’re a savvy small business owner, and you know that you need to use online marketing strategies, like Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to ensure that relevant traffic comes to your website. Our Online Advertising Agency experts right here at know the ins and outs of a successful PPC campaign. After all, we’re one of the few PPC Advertising Agencies in the world to be a Google Adwords Premier SMB Partner.

It’s tempting to try to do PPC advertising by yourself instead of choosing an online advertising agency, but if you want a successful campaign, you know it has to be done right the first time. Here are just a few points to take note of when considering doing PPC advertising yourself versus choosing a well-known online advertising agency like

Keyword Targeting

The foundation of PPC is in choosing the most relevant keywords for your campaign. Our PPC experts use keyword research tools and years of experience to select keywords that can bring the most success to your campaign. We employ the use of different keyword match types, and even use negative keywords to ensure we only get the traffic that we want to attract.

Location Radius

If you’re a business serving a local area, it doesn’t make sense to advertise nationally – you’re only wasting money! Our online advertising agency PPC experts are well-versed in location targeting and know how crucial it is to a successful PPC campaign.

Professional Ad Copy

Just like keywords are the foundation of a PPC campaign, ad copy can make or break your campaign. Your ads should be attention-grabbing, while also representing your business well. Include a call to action and a reason for the searcher to click over to your business instead of your competitor. We’ve written ads for thousands of small businesses, so trust us to create the right ad for your campaign.

Budget Monitoring

Managing your PPC budget is critical to a successful campaign. It’s important to regularly monitor which keywords, ad copy, and ad placements are performing the best, and tweak your campaign to capitalize on this success. Our PPC advertising agency right here at has advanced software to ensure your campaign doesn’t exceed its budget, while also allowing for easy monitoring on what’s working.

Still considering a DIY PPC campaign? Get the best return for your investment by choosing the Online Advertising Agency instead. Our experts have worked with thousands of businesses and know the PPC strategies to help your business succeed, so that you can get on with managing your business.

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