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Embracing The Foundation of Successful Pay Per Click Advertising

As small business owners, we follow the various changes in online marketing strategies every day, monitoring performance after the changes, and predicting what’s to-come next. Online advertising sure changes often, especially for Pay Per Click Advertising. That doesn’t mean you have to start your campaign over though – take it from us as a premier Pay Per Click company – the details change, but the foundation of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising has stayed the same over the years.

Know Your Customer

Researching and identifying your target audience is that the base of every successful Pay Per Click advertising strategy. Before you even start building your campaign, be sure you know the answers to these questions:

  • What age/gender is my target audience?
  • How would my target audience search for my product? What terms would they use?
  • When does my target audience search or my product?
  • If selling a product locally, what location(s) does my target audience come from?
  • What devices is my target audience likely to search for my product on? Desktop, smartphone, tablet, etc?

Compelling Ads

As a Pay Per Click advertising company working with hundreds of small businesses, we know that the right ad can make or break a campaign. It’s crucial to your PPC campaign’s success to ensure your ad copy is enticing. A winning Pay Per Click ad captures the searcher’s eye, and also includes call to action phrasing that tells the searcher what you want them to do. Free shipping or other promos can also increase click through rate on the ad.

Evaluate Success

Pay Per Click advertising is always changing, and it’s important to keep a pulse on how your campaign is performing. We recommend setting a weekly checkpoint to review how your ad is performing this week compared to other weeks. Then, even more importantly – review what could be improved and put a plan together to further improve your PPC campaign.

Pay Per Click advertising is always changing, but the essentials of a successful PPC campaign have stayed consistent – know your customer, create compelling ads, and regularly evaluate success. Let the PPC experts at help you see PPC success for your small business.

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