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Private Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose private registration for my domain name(s)?

You should know that the information listed on your domain name has to be made publicly available per your registrar's agreement with ICANN, the international governing body of domain names. Using false information will violate the registration agreement and lead to the termination of your domain registration. That is also by agreement with ICANN. However, with Private Registration you can have all the benefits of a domain registration without exposing your personal information for everyone to see. When you purchase our private domain registration services, the WHOIS directory will list's name, postal address and phone number instead of yours.

Although we become the registrant for your domain registration on your behalf, you still retain the FULL BENEFITS OF DOMAIN REGISTRATION. Thus, only you can:

  • Cancel, sell or transfer your domain registration.
  • Cancel our service so that registrant status reverts to you
  • Renew your domain registration upon expiration
  • Designate the name servers to which your domain points
  • Resolve claims arising out of a dispute involving your domain registration


To purchase a private domain name registration, simply go to and shield your identity today.

How do I know my identity is protected?

You know your identity is protected because your personal information is not published in the WHOIS database. Instead,'s name, address and phone number are made publicly available. You stop all spammers, scammers, and prying eyes and prevent exposure to spam, fraud, or possible identity theft. We won't reveal your identity unless required by law or if you breach our Service Agreement.

What extensions can I privately register?

Currently, private registration services only extend to the following domain extensions: .com, .net, .org, .biz, or .info.

If you are interested in purchasing private domain name registration services for a new or existing domain name, please visit

What kind of information can I manage on my private domain?

First, you can modify and update, as necessary, your private domain name's non-public contact information, including the registrant, administrative, technical and billing information. In the event you revert to a public domain registration, all of this contact information will be required by ICANN, the international governing body for domain names, and therefore must be kept current. You may use the same information for all of these contacts. If you do not complete all of the contact information, the registrant details will be used for the rest.

Second, you can set your e-mail preferences for your private domain name(s). When you purchase a private domain registration, a private e-mail address is automatically created for your domain(s). Your e-mail preference instructs how to handle messages it receives which are directed to your private e-mail address. You may select one uniform e-mail preference for all of your private domain names or, you may select different e-mail preferences for different domains. These preferences may be modified at any time.

Third, in the event receives certified or traceable courier mail or legal notices addressed to your domain name that require forwarding, you will use your account to select your forwarding option. You decide whether you wish to have the correspondence forwarded. You will be informed of the charge for shipping and your credit card will be billed only after you have affirmatively selected one of the shipping options. You must select a shipping option and the credit card transaction must be successful prior to us forwarding the correspondence to you.

Fourth, you can cancel our private registration services for your domain name(s) at your account. Please note that canceling our private registration services will not cancel the domain name; canceling our private registration services will turn your private registration back into a public registration -- thereby revealing your personal information in the WHOIS database. There are no refunds when you choose to cancel our private registration services.

Must I provide valid contact information for a private domain registration?

Yes. When you purchase a domain name you must include accurate and updated information for all of your contacts (e.g., registrant, Administrative, Technical & Billing), regardless of whether you choose to make it a "private" or "public" registration. This is the only way can reach you with issues concerning your domain and our private registration services.

If you enter false information you risk having your domain name, as well as our private registration services, canceled entirely. Please review our Service Agreement carefully so you fully understand your rights and obligations.

Can I cancel a Perfect Privacy private domain name registration?

Yes, as the domain owner, you have the right to cancel the private domain registration service. Neither's support staff, nor your registrar's support staff, will cancel your private domain registration on your behalf. This is something that has been placed under your sole control.

After you cancel our private domain name registration services, your name, home and e-mail addresses and postal addresses will be made publicly available in the WHOIS directory.

Please note that there are no refunds when you cancel our private registration services.

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