Hosted Exchange Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hosted Exchange e-mail?

Hosted Exchange is actually much more than just e-mail. It's Microsoft's messaging and collaboration service that supports e-mail on mobile devices such as Pocket PC and Smartphones and Windows Mobile phones. This technology enables remote synchronization of Inbox, Calendar, and Contact lists and Task Management to keep all your information up-to-date. Hosted Exchange also offers integrated collaborative features such as shared calendars and scheduling, contact lists, and task management capabilities. Whether you're in the office using Outlook on your desktop or accessing your desktop from any browser or compatible mobile device, you're up-to-date and in touch – across town or across country.

Can I use Hosted Exchange on my phone?

Yes! Exchange ActiveSync® lets devices such as a browser-enabled cellular telephone or a Microsoft Windows Mobile® powered device access company information on a server that is running Exchange 2003. Exchange ActiveSync is a data synchronization service that enables mobile users to access their e-mail, calendar, and contacts and retain access to this information while they are offline. Broad mobile device support is offered by several vendors who license the Exchange ActiveSync protocol from Microsoft including: Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, symbian, DataViz, and Treo.

Exchange ActiveSync® compatibility is also built into Windows Mobile-based devices including Smartphones, Pocket PCs, and Pocket PC Phones. With these devices, you experience the same familiar Microsoft Office Outlook environment extended from your desktop or laptop to your mobile device.

To find out more about Windows Mobile 5.0 devices that include the Messaging and Security Feature Pack, visit the Windows Mobile 5.0 Messaging and Security Feature Pack page on the Microsoft Windows Mobile site.

How much does Hosted Exchange cost?

You can get an Exchange e-mail account including 500 MB storage, CAtchGuard Spam and Virus protection, 250 E-mail aliases, FREE download & use of Outlook 2003 client software, easy-to-use web-based account control panel, and 24 x 7 World-class live technical support for as little as $8.95 per month.

What advantages does Hosted Exchange have over regular e-mail?

Free (and available to anyone) e-mail accounts may be popular, but they will not let you:

  • Share calendars with co-workers to schedule meetings
  • Share contacts in company address books
  • Share task lists assign 'to do' items
  • Access all of this information and functionally via a wireless connection or browser from any internet connection

And you can be subjected to unwanted and intrusive advertising and pop-ups, which is the key reason these services are offered for free.

With Hosted Exchange, you can be productive and work outside your office. You can check e-mail from where ever you have an internet connection, as well as look up events in your calendar, add someone to your contacts, or set up a reminder for later. All of this and its synced back to your desktop, ready when you get back to your computer.

What comes with a Hosted Exchange account?

You get:

  • FREE download & use of Outlook 2007 client software
  • Access to all Exchange functionality, such as E-mail, Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts
  • 1 GB of storage
  • 250 E-mail aliases
  • FREE CatchGuard Spam & Virus Protection
  • FREE download & use of Outlook 2003 client software
  • Deleted item recovery for 7 days
  • Easy-to-use web-based account control panel
  • 24 x 7 World-class live technical support
  • Global Address List
  • Global Distribution Lists
  • Journal
  • Junk E-mail Filtering
  • Mailbox Filtering Rules
  • Personal Address List
  • Personal Calendar
  • Personal Distribution Lists
  • Notes (Sticky Notes)
  • Task list & reminders

Is my Exchange e-mail account protected against SPAM and Viruses?

Yes! Our CatchGuard mail filtering system provides mailbox-level spam and anti-virus scanning to protect you from harmful and bothersome spam, viruses, and hacker attacks. We check incoming and outlgoing e-mail as well as data that is sent in-between users on the system so that virus-laden attachments and messages are deleted before they reach inboxes. You can even set up your own mailbox and junk mail filters within Exchange to better defend yourself.

Can I get more storage for my Exchange e-mail account?

Of course, you can add more storage by calling our Exchange sales consultants at 1-800-932-4678.