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  • How To Attract More Patients With Digital Marketing - From hospitals to dentists, from vision care to urgent care, healthcare systems of all sizes face ongoing challenges in attracting new patients. The way patients find healthcare providers has changed, and your organization’s marketing strategy needs to evolve, too. Strategic use of digital marketing can help to ensure a steady stream of patients into your waiting rooms. Here’s what you need to know. Read full article »

  • How To Modernize The Patient Experience - Today's health care patients are taking a more active role in their care—and a more consumer-oriented approach to their health care providers. Attracting new patients is only part of the story: Your organization must also provide patients the same ease and convenience they have come to expect from any other business. Read full article »

  • How To Use Online Data To Personalize Health Care Advertising - Patients’ expectations for their health care providers are rising—and a personalized experience is high on the list of “must-haves.” Does patients’ desire for personalization also extend to health care advertising? Yes—as long as your organization approaches personalized advertising correctly. Read full article »

  • Physician Search, Directories, and Online Ratings: Optimizing Your Health Care Organization's Presence - The ascendancy of third-party physician directory and review sites requires a new approach to health care marketing. Given the strong influence third-party online physician directories, ratings and reviews wield, how can your organization make the most of this trend? Read full article »