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Our Free Website Builders Help Customers Find Your Business Online

Over half of small businesses still don’t have a website. Business owners worry about the expense and technical challenges of building and maintaining a website.

Thankfully, our free website builders make it simple to design a website and publish it online, whether you want us to design it for you or you want to do it yourself. Choose one of our 2,500 templates, personalize it, and get your website online within hours.

Clear, Professional Layout

A customer’s first impression of your website determines whether they stay or go. In fact, customers decide in as little as 1/20 of a second whether to keep browsing or click away.

We’ve designed our templates with simple, professional layouts to make great first impressions. In fact, they’ll look so good your customers won’t know you didn’t have your site custom built.

  • Beautiful images. Choose from our extensive library of stock photos, or upload your own photos and graphics. Our free website builders provide space for the best photos of your business or premier products, right on your home page.
  • Easy navigation. Our layouts feature clear menus and easy navigation between pages on your site. They’re designed to allow customers to have a great user experience while exploring your site.
  • Straightforward text. We offer content samples you can modify for your business, or you can use text boxes to insert your own ideas. You have maximum flexibility whenever you use our designs.
  • Visible contact information. Add your phone number and address to make it simple for customers to find you. This information is particularly important for customers on mobile devices, who often tap to call or get directions.

Easy Free Website Build: No Coding or Design Skills Required

Thanks to drag and drop functionality, our free website builder make designing a website almost as easy as creating a document. You never have to worry about writing code, navigating complicated dashboards, or getting training in Web design.

  • Choose your layout. Select your layout from over 2,500 template options. Make sure the colors and design elements reflect the personality of your small business.
  • Add images and text. Insert high-quality images, either from our library or from your personal collection of images. Customize your text so customers instantly know what sets you apart from the competition.
  • Select a domain name. Pick a free domain name for your site and register it at no cost. Once you’ve chosen a hosting plan, you can personalize employee email addresses using your branded domain name.

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