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How To Create eCommerce Website For My Small Business

Create an eCommerce Site for Your Small Business

With our free website builder, you can create an online store and make it operational within minutes.

Building an online store for your small business doesn’t have to take a lot of time. It also doesn’t require specialized knowledge of coding or Web design. With free website templates from, you can create an ecommerce site for your company. Once you choose a hosting plan and publish your ecommerce site, you’ll be open for business within minutes.

Your Online Store: the Next Phase of Your Business

Fewer than half of all small businesses have a website, making them dependent upon brick-and-mortar sales or customers they meet at festivals and trade shows. Some use third-party sites like eBay or Amazon, but they don’t have their own branded sites. Without your own online store, you’re missing out on a significant moneymaking opportunity.

An Online Store Customers Can Actually Find

Create an ecommerce site with a branded domain, and personalize it with your logo and other graphical elements of your brand. Current customers will recognize your site immediately, and new customers will discover it when they search for products like yours using Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines

  • 44 percent of online shoppers start with a search engine. Your customers might not navigate to Amazon or eBay. Most likely, they’ll start with Google. Your personal ecommerce site gives your business a greater chance of being discovered.

  • 14.6 percent of SEO leads make a purchase, compared with just 1.7 percent of direct mail and advertising leads. Without a website, your business misses out on this important revenue stream.

  • 50 percent of all mobile searches are conducted in the hopes of finding a local business. Additionally, 61 percent of mobile searchers who want to buy local end up making a purchase after their search. When you create an ecommerce site, you make it more likely to pick up business from mobile customers.

Higher Profit Margins

Sales made on third-party sites are great, but they also come at a cost. When you have your own website, you won’t owe a commission on every single sale.

Easy, Secure Payment Collection

In addition to storing customer payment information to make selling easier, your site delivers safe, secure, PCI-compliant payment processing. Customers can feel confident that you’re protecting their personal financial information, and you can be sure that your business is in compliance with rules and regulations.

Better Customer Service

Instead of interacting with you through a third party, customers can contact you directly about your products when you have your own online shop. They can ask questions, reach out for support issues, and make direct requests. When you interact with customers yourself, you can respond more quickly, and you can offer customized solutions to customer problems. You also build relationships with the people who buy from you, which increase the likelihood they’ll return.

Complete Control Over Your Content

With a third-party site, you can submit photos and descriptions of your product, but your store always looks like someone else’s store. You’re also stuck with rules and regulations regarding images, copy, and more.

When you create an ecommerce site for your business, you control your images and product descriptions along with every aspect of your content. You can adjust prices or swap images at a moment’s notice, and you can make smart decisions about ordering and replenishment.

Real Insights Into Your Customers offers reporting and analysis as part of our free website builder package. You’ll learn which products you sell most, which customers are most loyal, and which elements on your pages — headlines, images, or copy — make customers want to come back.

Using Our Free Website Creator

Creating an ecommerce site with is as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Select your design. Choose from our extensive library of templates to find a customizable layout that works for you.

  • Add your products. Ecommerce Express customers can add up to 20 products. Ecommerce Standard customers can add as many as 500 products. We also offer a Pro package for businesses with more than 500 products.

  • Choose your hosting plan and publish your site. Ecommerce Standard offers multiple tools and perks, including email marketing tools and lower transaction fees.

Once you’ve published your site, promote it on your social networks, in your store, and in online advertising. The harder you work to show customers your site, the more revenue potential it has.

Start Now

Create your ecommerce site now, and get it published within hours. Start making more sales, earning more money, and winning over new customers. Call at 800-986-1477 to get started or learn more.

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