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Local Lead Generation

How to Convert Your Local Lead Generation Efforts Into Sales

Your business has identified the value of local SEO marketing for local lead generation through targeted messaging reaching the best potential customers. You’re starting to rank higher in local search results, but are you ready to convert those local leads into customers?

Lead generation services can drive powerful traffic to your website in the form of visitors who could turn out to be your most loyal customers and send many more referrals your way. However, this will only happen if your website is successful in motivating those visitors to purchase.

Use these tips and techniques to make sure your website inspires purchases and doesn't leave local leads hanging, causing them to search for your competitors.

Display a Purchase Call to Action

Make it easy for leads to convert by displaying an explicit call to action on your landing pages. For busy consumers who want to get their problem fixed by your solution, digging through web pages might leave them frustrated that they can't find how to complete the purchase, and might make them leave.

Be creative in the purchase call-to-action copy. Include the value-add for their purchase in the copy or imagery, and make the messaging personalized to get viewers interested. Maintain a balance of being noticeable without being overly intrusive.

Present an Opportunity to Contact You

Leads may not be ready to make immediate purchases and may need time to decide, or want to learn more about your product or service before committing. This is why it is imperative to make it easy for site visitors to be able to get in contact with you.

To ensure there is every way for leads to get in contact with your business, include a phone number, email address, and contact fill form where leads can tell you when they'd like you to contact them and via what method. Consider adding a live chat option to your landing page so leads can immediately talk to someone and get more information if that's available.

Make Your Business’s Benefits Apparent

Use compelling copy and strong visuals to immediately alert visitors on the landing page to your services’ and products’ benefits. Create an emotional connection by showing leads what your business is about through photography or through a video that instantly starts playing when they land on the page.

Lead with your strongest benefits that are easy to understand through relatable copy. Talk to readers as if you would a trusted friend, so they instantly feel a strong connection to your brand. Make sure the copy aligns with the local search SEO messaging so visitors to the landing page don't feel misled, and a seamless experience transpires.

Gather More Information

For leads who do not complete a purchase right away, make every effort to still gather additional information from leads so you can complete the sale later. An email capture, a coupon offering, or an incentive for visitors to sign up for a newsletter are ways your business can keep warming up leads.

Make the lead capture aspect a prominent part of the page, and make the call to action personal while highlighting the value-add. Clearly state how you will use the information, and emphasize a respect for privacy in that you won't disseminate the information to third parties.

Say Thanks for Visiting

Say thanks to reinforce your gratitude and foster positive sentiment to those who visited your landing pages and site. Show thanks by offering the lead a special offer or coupon for later use, in case they’re not ready to convert right away.

This helps your business show you care about prospective customers just as much as you do current ones, and your business will stay at top of their minds the next time those leads are ready to purchase the service or product you offer. An attitude of appreciation goes a long way in today's digital world because it injects a human element that helps create an emotional connection with leads.

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