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Online Store Builder Features’s Online Store Builder Makes It Easy for Customers to Purchase From Your Store

Do you own a brick and mortar small business? If so, you may think that you don’t need an online store as you’ve got all your wares in your location. Think again. Online store sales are only growing, and it’s important to give customers an easy way to purchase from your store. With people turning to the Internet for just about everything these days, using the Online Store Builder is the perfect way to sell your goods online, even to customers right in your local neighborhood.

Clean, User-Friendly Design prides itself on creating professional websites that feature clean, user-friendly designs. Use our online store builder to create your eCommerce website in a matter of minutes. Our builder includes tons of layouts to ensure your website looks just the way you envision it would. All of our online store templates are designed with the customer in mind, and feature simple layouts that urge the customer towards the checkout path.

Secure Checkout

You’ll want to ensure that you can accept payments on your online store – and accept them securely.’s secure payment processor ensures that your website can process all the major credit cards, while giving you and your customers peace of mind knowing that their information is safe and secure.

Email Marketing

Once you have a customer, it’s important to keep that customer coming back again and again to your online store. Our online store builder features Email Marketing components, allowing you to thank customers for their purchase, send them a survey, follow-up with discount codes and coupons, and so much more.


Tracking and Analytics

Once you build your online store, it’s critical to monitor your website traffic and sales, understand where that traffic is coming from, and use this data to improve your online store. Our online store builder comes with built-in analytics tracking and Google Analytics integration to make it a cinch for you to understand your website traffic.

Are you ready to build an online store for your business? Use the Online Store Builder to create a clean, professional website with secure payment processing and built in Email Marketing and analytics tracking.

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