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Search Engine Marketing | Google SERP

Search Engine Marketing & The Google Search Results Page

As a savvy business owner, you know that your website showing up on Google is an absolute must to compete in today’s online world. But where exactly should you start? You’re hearing search engine marketing buzzwords thrown apart, but it’s hard to isolate the must-do’s from the might-help’s. We’re here to help show you exactly where you need to focus your efforts in Google.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

You’ve likely heard the term “Pay-Per-Click”, or “PPC” marketing as a type of search engine marketing. These are the paid ads on the top and bottom of many Google search engine results pages. By accessing Google AdWords and choosing relevant keywords, crafting enticing ad text, and selecting a bid, an ad for your business can show up in this area. This is prominent placement for your business, but remember to keep a watchful eye on your ad budget. You can always leave up to Pay-Per-Click Marketing experts at

Search Engine Optimization Services

You now know that the PPC results are at the top and bottom of the Google search engine results page. The results in the middle of the page, away from the ads, are the natural, or “organic” search engine marketing results. You can’t pay for these results. Instead, it’s important to craft quality copy for your website and gain links from relevant, quality websites, along with a number of other SEO tactics. It can take time and a great deal of effort to show up in this area, but it’ll pay off in the long run! SEO Services by can help you create an effective SEO campaign customized to your business.

Local Business Listings Results

Ever notice that three pack of local results that come up when you search for a local business or service? These are the local search engine marketing listings. If your business has a local presence, set up and populate a Google My Business page to better your chances of showing up in this area. Ensure your business has Local Business Listings set up on major local listing services. Encourage past customers to leave reviews on your Google My Business listing and other major review sites.

Let the search engine marketing experts at help you ensure your business is displayed in all the right areas on the Google search engine results page. Give us a call today at 1-855-312-9167 to develop your comprehensive search engine marketing plan.

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