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Choose SSL Certificates for Security & Rankings

As a small business owner with an online website presence, you’ve likely heard the phrase “SSL certificate” mentioned. We’re here to help you understand just what an SSL certificate is and how it can help your business – and even your search engine rankings.

What is an SSL certificate?

We’re here to demystify SSL certificates. SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer”, which is crucial technology that protects private user data on your website. Think of it like your passport or driver’s license – it ensures that customer information inputted into your website stays within your website and backend data platform, and doesn’t get into the hands of hackers or online phishing scams.

How can an SSL certificate help you?

We all shop online these days, but we’re suspect of online scammers now more than ever. It’s important to us that we shop from websites that look trustworthy and feature an updated design, and many shoppers these days look for the SSL certificate on the website, usually indicated by a “padlock” symbol on the website and the “https” prefix at the front of your URL address in your browser. Help customers be more confident in your business online by ensuring the SSL certificate symbol is present on your website.

How can an SSL certificate help your rankings?

Just as online shoppers need to have confidence before submitting their personal data to a website, search engines like Google also want to have confidence in your website. That’s why Google starting giving websites with SSL certificates a small rankings boost. Every rankings boost is an important one, and having an SSL certificate ensures both people and search engines are confident in your website’s security.

How do I buy an SSL certificate? makes it easy for you to buy an SSL certificate. We offer four different SSL certificates that can scale as your business grows. After all, we’re here to help you grow your business and succeed online.

Choose when it comes time to buy an SSL certificate. We make understanding SSL certificates and identifying the right SSL a cinch. Get started today improving the security of your website.

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