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SSL Certs for an SEO & Website Security Boost

Hardly a month goes by where we don’t hear about a major website hacking story, it seems. Website security is more crucial than ever, especially with the amount of sensitive data website visitors provide online. Having an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate on your website tells both website visitors and search engines that your website is secure and visitor data is well-protected. Here’s just a few of the ways an SSL Certificate by can help your website.

SSL Certificate SEO Benefits

Google announced in August 2014 that it would start giving websites that have “https” security a rankings boost. The impact of this boost has only increased since that time, and many website owners, particularly those that receive customer credit card data, are moving over to provisioning an SSL certificate and having an https for their website. We all know how difficult it can be to rank in the organic search engine results, so if a secure website will give us a boost, we’re all for it!

Prevents Phishing Attacks

Phishing is all too common these days and occurs when another website tries to impersonate the website you actually expect or want to go to. Hackers usually can’t secure an SSL certificate, so having one on your website shows and reassures visitors that they are truly on your website. Your visitors will typically see signals in their browser bar telling them that your company runs the website – rather than a hacker impersonating your website!

SSL Certificates for PCI Compliance

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance standards stipulate that a security certificate must be present on your website if you plan to accept credit card information. Most websites, even those for local service companies, accept online payments. Giving customers the ability to pay with a credit card online makes purchasing easy and simple, but be sure you have the security needed to protect that data. features four different types of SSL Certificates to ensure you have the right level of protection for your company and website visitors. Visit our website today to learn all about our security certificate features and how you can take advantage of SSL for your website.

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