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Find a Domain Name for Your Small Business

Tips on Choosing a Domain Name

If you're looking for a domain name, you want to be found online. Your domain name communicates who you are
as a business, from your website to your email address. Consider these factors when making your decision:

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Start your website domain search with terms your customers would use to describe your business

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Distinguish your business with a detailed domain extension like .company, .expert or .attorney

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Owning different versions of your domain keeps variations out of the hands of other businesses so your customers can easily find you.

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When you buy a domain name, keep it short because long names are difficult to, .expert, or .attorney

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Some business owners purchase alternative spellings of their domain to make sure customers can find them no matter how they search

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Choose wisely! Once you buy a domain you will own it for at least one year and will likely use it across your marketing materials.

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Your Name. Your Website. Your Small Business Identity.

What's in a name? With the right domain name, your customers are never lost and you're always found. Take the time to find a domain name that's right for your business.

  • Hundreds of thousands of domain name options
  • Differentiate yourself with subdomains and domain extensions
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Own Your Domain Name and Everything That Comes Close

Customers don't always get domain names right. Sometimes it's the wrong spelling and other times it's the wrong domain extension. Purchasing different domains can help.

  • Buy close variations of your domain name to protect your business identity from competition and fraud
  • Help customers find your website easily, as you ramp up your SEO
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When You Find a Domain Name It's Easy to Register

We aim to simplify the entire process of building a website. That's why finding the perfect domain name for your small business is easy as 1-2-3.

  • Select a domain
  • Register it
  • You're done!

We're Prepared for Everything So You Can Be Too


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Get Domain Expiration Protection

Should you ever forget to renew your domain name, we'll protect it for you. One less thing for you to worry about.

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Access Private Domain Registration

When you register a domain, your private information goes in a public database called WHOIS. But with private registration, WHOIS will have our contact information, not yours.

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Buy a Domain Name, Get Domain Forwarding

If you currently own multiple versions of your domain or are planning to purchase multiple domain names for one business, we can help with website forwarding. We'll make sure all versions of your domain take your customers to the same place – your website.

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Build A Secure, Reliable Foundation For Your Website

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Find a Domain Name for Your Small Business

Your domain name search is just the beginning

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Be a business they can trust

You'd be surprised how much a professional email and online security help establish you as a reputable brand.

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Create a lasting impression

Whether it’s a beautifully designed website, or how well you communicate using it, your customers will notice.

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Enjoy the journey

Building a business requires patience. With the right tools and guidance, growth is just around the corner.

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