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When someone starts a WordPress website they are given a domain with “WordPress” in it, like Basically that person’s website is sitting on WordPress’s domain, which isn’t great for search engines or branding. That person will likely want to update their domain to point it to their new professional business URL, like

To change your WordPress URL you first have to buy a new domain so you have something to change it to. offers a range of different .com domains along with a ton of other types of domain extensions. So buy a domain and then you can start the process of updating your WordPress URL.

You may also be looking to migrate an existing WordPress website from one web host to another, or a website location from one directory to another. Since migrating your URL is extremely important and needs to be executed meticulously, we’ve laid everything you need to know for any of the scenarios listed above in our helpful Knowledge Center Article: How Do I Change My WordPress URL?

If you have recently changed your WordPress URL and your website is no longer working, make sure that:
- The URL is changed in both the website address and WordPress address inside the administrator panel of WordPress
- Themes or other plugins are not interfering

If you are experiencing problems with your website after changing your WordPress URL, the MyTimeSupport Services team will be happy to assist you.

WordPress websites are secure, but added security packages can always be purchased to protect your business. Increased WordPress security can provide businesses with things like malware protection or backups. Always keep your version of WordPress and all of your plugins up to date to ensure that your website is as safe as possible. You should also be selective with themes and plugins (even security plugins!), as some are more vulnerable to attacks than others. This is in addition to having the right SSL certificate for your business and keeping it up to date!

It happens all the time that a person bought a WordPress theme years ago and it no longer suits their brand. Similarly, WordPress themes can sometimes become faulty. In either scenario, the owner needs to update their WordPress theme. To do so, use the WordPress Administrator panel. However, if you cannot access that panel (due to a faulty theme for example) you can also change the default theme using an FTP program, the file manager or phpMyAdmin. For detailed instructions on any of these methods, see the article in our Knowledge Center.

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